Your Privacy Policy Goes Here

It's important to provide your users with an explanation of your privacy policy in order to comply with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA. As a merchant, it's your responsibility to have an active command of the cookies delivered by your site, and to communicate to your users:

  • the purpose and scope of cookies on your site
  • how and why information about your users is collected
  • what kind of information about your users is collected
  • when information about your users is collected
  • how information about your users is used
  • for how long information about your users is stored
  • how to opt out of personal data collection, in part or in full

Your obligations to disclose information about personal data collection will vary depending on where you do business. Please note that the data privacy communication obligations listed above are only provided as suggestions of industry best practices. While these reccomendations are a good starting point, it is the merchant's responsibility to seek out and act on the legal advice of an attorney before collecting or processing users' personal information.

Enabling users to select their cookie preferences is an important component of GDPR compliance. You can use Nacelle's built-in opt-in-opt-out-form and form-consent-field components to quickly create forms for setting cookie preferences, such as the one below:

Cookie Preferences

Adding a new form-consent-field will provide the required template code which can be copied and pasted to set the new section's title and description. For example: